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Monday, 14 December 2015

Real Techniques sculpting set

I have wanted to pick up a contouring brush for quite a while now and I've had my eye on the Real Techniques sculpting brush just haven't got round to getting one. I like all their other brushes and I think they are really good value for money. Anyway, so I'm out shopping and I have a look in Superdrug and not only do they have the sculpting brush in stock, not only is it 1/3 off, they also have this amazing sculpting SET and it is too is 1/3 off! It must have been my lucky day eh?

In the set there is obviously a sculpting brush, a setting brush and also an exclusive cut fan brush. I have also been wanting a fan brush for ageeesss too so this is really a bonus.

Firstly, just looking at the brushes- they are shiny!!! It's an exclusive design for the set and where it might not be the most important thing, it doesn't hurt to look nice. As with all the Real Techniques range the brushes are lovely and helps you to get a professional finish with your makeup. I use the expert face brush most days for my foundation, it just blends it out perfectly. So quality wise, they are exactly what I was expecting and I am very happy.

The sculpting brush is my absolute favorite! It makes my life sooo much easier, all I do is glide the brush just under my cheekbones to really define my contour. I use the fan brush in the same way but it creates a much softer finish and just lightly enhances rather than creating such a clean contour like the sculpting brush. It's great when your going for a more natural look or not putting a lot of time/effort into your make-up. And finally in the set, the setting brush can be used (more commonly) for powder, but I like to use it for my highlighting powder. Because it is a smaller brush, you have more control where to place your powder, such a useful little brush. I would definitely recommend this set to any contour fans and Real Techniques to anyone looking for a range of affordable, nice quality brushes!


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  1. Another great post!

    I agree, Real Techniques brushes are fab :) x


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