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Monday, 25 January 2016

MUA Luxe Palettes

Hello! I haven't posted for a while now- well over a month actually, but I haven't been too well and posting really was the last thing on my mind... But now I'm feeling good I am happy to get back to normal! Today's post I wanted to share with you two palettes that I'm loving at the moment, MUA Luxe 10 shade palette in 'Paradise' and 'Utopia'. 
Firstly about the packaging, I think it's great considering its from a brand like MUA. Not that I don't like MUA but it's such a low price brand you either expect shitty products or ugly, tacky packaging which neither is true. I personally really like MUA, I think it is aaaamazing quality for your money and these palettes are no exception to that. Another thing I like about this palette is that all the colours are continuous, like there is no space in between them. I know some people would prefer them separate, but I think it looks beautiful this way. Another good thing (in my opinion) is that it came without a brush or even worse an applicator- so happy because who even really uses those little things?!
Firstly the Paradise 'plush plum & copper' palette has 10 shades in rosey pinks, plums, bronzey coppers and browns. This one if definitely my favorite out the two. I think I looks BEAUTIFUL and it includes a few shades that I would never thought to use. I admit, when it comes to eyeshadow I can be a bit boring, I usually play it safe with a nude look or a smokey eye but this palette would be perfect to try out some of the warmer, pinker eyeshadow looks I've been seeing a lot of recently. All of the shades in this palette are shimmery, but in a good way, Normally I tend to stick to matte, but these shadows aren't crazy and glittery, they are silky soft and smooth to apply/blend. I love love love this palette and I'm so glad I've got it!
The Utopia 'nouveau nude & bare' palette has 10 shades in soft golds, nudes and browns. I can't wait to use this palette in the summer, when I go for my ultra bronzed, glowing, sun goddess look because the way these nudes shimmer are lovely. Just like the Paradise palette all 10 shades are shimmery but again more in a soft glowy way. From the swatches you can tell the colours aren't as bold and loud as the ones from the other palette but they are so smooth to blend together. When I was blending them in it felt like they were melting into my skin! Love it. Although, you might not be able to tell from the photo but I felt like the lighter shades were more pigmented than the darker ones. So you might need to apply the browns more heavily if you want a deeper, darker look but that's not the end of the world. 

All in all I think these are beautiful palettes and I can't wait to use them! I think this is great example that sometimes you don't have to spend a fortune to get great products, at only £8 each from Superdrug! What a steal!!!

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  1. Hi Tori - pleased to read that you're feeling good, happy and back to normal!

    The palettes look great and such a good price too. I wouldn't usually choose a shadow that is shimmery, but I will take a look at these, as you say they're not too glittery. Lovely colours too.

    Look forward to reading your next post :) x


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