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Monday, 15 February 2016

Absolute Godsend

Ok, so my hair hasn't had the easiest time. I've bleached it, straightened it and dyed it every colour under the sun so I am consistently on the look out for products to help my fried hair. I've realised that the parts I bleached wont ever fix up so I am in the process of growing out my hair so I am really looking after it now and I'm so glad I've found John Frieda's Miraculous Recovery range!

The first time I bought something from this range was actually the serum creme as my hair is very thick and has about 1834637492 split ends I was looking for something to smooth out my hair. Naturally I have quite frizzy/wavy hair and its very dry at the moment I chose the creme serum instead of the oil. And it was amazing like seriously the ends of my hair looked so brittle and horrible but using a bit of this- it was lovely!
So from there I saw the mask and tried that. I am really into my reconstructing masks as they go beyond the surface of the hair, so instead of just making your hair look great, these masks so deep into the hair repairing it. I have used the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle and I have aslo used the Toni & Guy reconstructing mask but by far the 'Miraculous Recovery Intensive Masque' from this John Frieda range was the best. This mask is amazing and it did wonders to my hair from the first use. It repairs and fortifies your hair and makes it soooo soft. It does say to keep on the hair for like 3 mins but I never do that and if your hair is dry or damaged you should leave it on much longer too. The longer the better so I leave mine on for at least 30mins-1hr, sometimes I even sleep with it on.
So after luck with those 2 products from the range I thought I might as well complete it and I went and got the shampoo and conditioner. This is godsend if you have damaged hair seriously. Starting with the shampoo which conditions the hair itself, leaves your hair feeling so clean, smelling great and soft without even getting to the conditioner yet. But its the conditioner really makes your hair feel soooo moisturised without being thick or greasy so it is perfect for every day use. What I like to do is wash my hair every other day with the shampoo and conditioner but use the intensive masque (instead of the conditioner) at least once a week for a treatment. 
I would recommend this whole range to anyone with hair like myself, dry/damaged/frizzy/coarse. obviously if you are lucky enough to have hair in perfect condition already or fine hair I would not recommend this as if might be a bit too over-moisturising for you and you might end up with greasy hair. Otherwise buy buy buyyyyyy these products and you will soon have glossy, and frizz and damage free hair!


  1. Hi Tori - I'm pleased to read that you have found a product that is working wonders on your hair. The products sound amazing!

  2. Thank you! Yeah, it is literally a life saver for someone with damaged or course hair!


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