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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Nyx High Voltage Lipstick

Hello! Today I am writing about a brand that some of you may not know. If you are living in England like me you might not be familiar with the brand NYX as it is fairly new here. Boots is the first major UK store to suppy NYX, and even with Boots you can only order it from their website as it's not in stores yet- annoying because that means no testers! I heard of NYX a looooong time ago and I was going to order some from America but with all the shipping and long delivery times I gave up. So when I heard Boots was going to stock it I was so excited to try it and for Christmas my sister very kindly bought me some products. Today I am going to share with you the NYX High Voltage lipstick's.

The shades I have are 'Twisted', 'Wine & Dine', 'Feline', 'Burlesque' and 'Hollywood'. First impressions when I applied it- I loved it. It's so light and smooth and literally glides right on. I hate it when lipsticks are thick or gooey on your lips, I like it when it feels like there is almost nothing on my lips, so I'm smiling. All the shades I tried are super high pigmented which is no suprise really as it does say "High Voltage lipstick".

I do love a matte lip, not a massive gloss lover, but even though these aren't matte they are certainly not glossy. They are very smooth and creamy but have a slight sheen once applied. The texture is beautiful. The staying power is decent and I only had to touch up twice which think is good.

Another thing, with the packaging yes it does look very boring and basic but there is plus side. I know it sounds silly but some lipsticks are so chunky they are annoying to store or bring around with you but these are great and I think they look similar to Max Factors Lipfinity lipsticks. I also think the size of the lipstick really made it easy to apply for me as it is smaller than a normal lipstick.

Overall if you are looking for a highly pigmented lipstick, especially for bright shades, that have a beautiful texture and don't cost a fortune then you should definitely take a look at these NYX high voltage lipsticks.

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  1. Thanks Tori - they look lovely and good to know that they are super high pigmented! And have the staying power too, which as we know, many lipsticks do not have :)


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