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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Gotta Have my Nails

First things first I love love lovveee false nails! I just think they make such a difference but they are sooo expensive to keep up with. I mean £40 a month might not seem a lot but on top of phone bills, rent, driving lessons- whatever you may be doing- it can just be something else you don't need to pay out. This is why about a year ago I decided to learn how to do false nails myself!

Literally I have only used YouTube to learn. I've watched video after video on acrylics, filing, prepping, brushes, gels, manicures - you name it! I have learnt soooo much and going from being completely clueless to being able to do a full set of acrylics, I'm rather happy! I'm no where near perfect... I can do a full set of acrylics, they last just as well as the salon's and they look just as beautiful, but I take like 3 hours to do them. I need to improve on timing because I spend basically the whole morning doing them. I defo think its because I apply them to myself, I think if I was doing someone else's nails it might be easier!

I'm going to post more about my nails as time goes on as I love to change it up all the time. My favorite is the coffin shape like in the photo. Coffin (or ballerina) nails suit me the best because I have quite long fingers, shorter nails just don't look right haha! This time I've used Barry M Gelly High Shine in 'Blue Grape'. I love this nail varnish it's such a lovely electric blue and compared to all the low key nude shades I normally go for it's nice for a bit of colour!

I would love to go on a course and learn professionally, and I think in the future it would be something to consider but for now it's just something I'm doing myself and I think its going okay. All in all it's saved me a looottt of money and it's been fun learning too!

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