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Monday, 9 May 2016

Soap in all it's Glory!

Hello! It's been such beautiful weather I have been in the real world enjoying it, but today I wanted to post about a few little products that I have been using lately and I picked them up from Soap and Glory.
The thing is with Soap and Glory I never really paid that  much attention to their makeup range... I obviously knew about their 'Sexy Mother Pucker' lipglosses and their huge skincare range, but I didn't realise just how much makeup they actually do. I didn't really know what to expect with their make up,  After looking at it all there are quite a few products that I want to buy, and I picked up 2 each of their 'Matte Lip' and 'Gloss Stick' lipsticks.

L to R: Matte Lip 'Choccoberry', 'Pretty Muted', Gloss Stick 'Nudist', 'Peaches & Gleam'
So starting with the Matte Lip, I am a lover of matte lipsticks and when I saw these I knew I wanted to try them straight away. But then I saw the price... £3.50 ?!?!?! Sorry- what is going on?! Literally like the cheapest lipstick I have ever seen- well not the cheapest, but still pretty cheap. And I know it's not one of those extremely cheap brands, so I really needed to try them out. The lipstick is pretty pigmented, in cute little packaging and the formula is well wearing. I don't have much bad to say about these at all apart from the fact that I would say they aren't completely matte, but for some reason I didn't expect them to be either so I think that's why it's not an issue to me. I guess if you expected it to be total matte then you might be a bit disappointed.

On to the Gloss Sticks now. Lately I have been loving gloss and these are lovely. They smell amazing, they don't feel gloopy on your lips and they give a slight shimmer and shine. Again with the price it is £3.50 the same as the Matte Lips and for this reason I thought maybe the colour wouldn't show through too well, but I am really happy with how they turned out, they have good pigment and I really like them.

Unfortunately I discovered why the price is so cheap, there is SOOO little product inside the tube! literally there is nottthinggg in there this is what it looks like fully rolled up
HOWEVER saying this, it still is only £3.50, the quality of the product is very nice, and the colours are pretty so I look at this as a mini lipstick. It's handy and perfect for carrying around. Obviously it's annoying how much is in there, but I think for the price and the quality we can overlook this small issue.

Overall, I am very happy with these little lipsticks and I have been carrying them around with me in case my lips need a lil summin' summin' when I'm out and about. Out of the two the Gloss Stick's are definitely my fav. I'm not sure if that's because of the colours I chose or because of the weather because in the sun I looove wearing glosses. I would definitely buy more of the Gloss Stick's, maybe not the Matte Lip's just because I have so many matte lipsticks, but if you are looking for a low cost decent quality lipstick consider these! You can pick any of these for £3.50 only from Boots.


  1. Hey Tori :)

    Another great post! I'm liking the look of the Gloss Stick - just wondering how often you would need to reapply the product?

    Amanda x

  2. It lasts for a good couple of hours, you would have to touch up after food/drink though. The matte ones last longer but the gloss sticks are still defo my fav! xx


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