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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Benefit for Free?! Goof Proof Brow Pencil

Hello, yes you read the title right- Benefit for free! Well, not completely free as you need to buy this months issue of Elle, but you get to exclusively try the brand new Benefit 'Goof Proof Brow Pencil'. It's turning out to be the best free gift I've ever got in a magazine!

Okay so for people like me who don't have maaad eyebrow tekkers this is amazing. The pencil itself is super soft and just glides on. It's so easy to use and great for people that tend to draw their eyebrows too harsh/dark, as this pencil is light and natural looking! I have quite thick eyebrows since I have grown them out, so I have to be careful filling them in so they don't look too ridiculous- perfect for anyone like me! When using this product it felt like no matter how heavy handed I was being filling them in, they still didn't look crazy or fake. Another great thing about the formula is it's 12 hr wear, and also that it's waterproof. You can wear this all day without having to worry about your eyebrows fading away or smudging, it's just great.
The pencil itself is like a teardrop, it's got a pointed tip for defining and then a wider end at the bottom which is great for filling. The pointed tip is so helpful as you can really add those little hair-like strokes to any sparse areas in your eyebrow so it looks lovely and natural. I also really like the packaging. The full sized product is double ended- one side has the pencil and the other has a built in spoolie-brush which would be so useful to blend as you fill in your eyebrows. The full size product also comes in 6 different shades (01&02- light, 03&04- medium, 05&06- deep), this free gift came in shade 02 which is a little bit light for me (I would go for a medium) but it still looks fine, very soft and natural.

And as if that wasn't a great enough gift on it's own, readers also get a "free eyebrow wax". I wouldn't call it "free" but more like a 2 for 1. If you get a full price wax service, the next one is free- still a great offer though!

So from what I've been using so far, this has to be one of my fav eyebrow pencils I've ever tried and I will defo be picking the full size! No longer do you have to be a crazy talented MUA to have beautiful, thick and defined eyebrows! The Benefit 'Goof Proof Brow Pencil' will priced at £18.50 and will be launching in shops on 24/06/16 along with 6 other new products for the Benefit Brow Collection for Summer 16. Exciting stuff! Will you be trying it too?



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  1. Great post Tori. Well, I bought Elle magazine on your recommendation :) and obviously I got the free Goof Proof Brow Pencil. I love it, it's the perfect shade for me and is so easy to apply. x


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