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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Marilyn Monroe x Max Factor

Hello, so this probably isn't a MAJOR new flash to a lot of you, but there is a collection I wanted to speak about that I am loving recently and I don't think got much attention when it came out. Today I am talking about the Max Factor Marilyn Monroe Lipstick Collection.

So there are four shades in the collection. Starting with shade 1 'Ruby Red'. This is a classic red which mimics Marilyn's iconic look. I feel like this shade is pretty universal and would suit a lot of people. Shade 2 is sunset red and has orange undertones, this shade would be perfect for someone with a warm skintone, this one is one of my favorites. Shade 3 is 'Berry' and is more of a pink rather than a red. This shade would suit cooler skintones, or if you didn't want to wear a bright red, something like this which is not as bold but still a red, would be perfect. And lastly shade 4 'Cabernet' which is a deeper red with purpley-plum undertones that is aimed at darker complexions. This shade I feel has more sparkle to it out of all the other shades and is more pigmented- its a lovely colour. I feel like with all the different types of red to choose, there would be a colour to suit most people!
Talking about the lipstick itself, it is defo not matte, so if that's your thing then this collection is not for you. Instead it is more of a sheen finish, like most of the Max Factors lipsticks. I love this formula, it glides on the lips so easily and it's so moisturising! The lipstick smells very sweet and citrusy like a Refresher sweet, but once on the smell goes away and doesn't bother you at all. I really like the packaging, the red metallic case looks great! Also the shade number and name are printed onto the bottom of the lipstick which is so helpful so you don't forget which ones which!

All in all I think this is a great collection. I love, and always have loved Marilyn Monroe, and I think these are the perfect shades to feel glamorous just like her! I feel like I have so many matte lipsticks and this just switches it up a bit. The best thing I like about this collection is that there is a red shade with the right undertone to match all complexions. The collection dropped earlier this year (I think March) which I know was a long time ago, but I don't think they got much attention/coverage. All shades are still sold at Boots and Superdrug for £7.99 each. Has anyone else tried these?


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  1. They sound lovely Tori. I haven't tried them but I particularly like the idea of Sunset Red ... something else to add to my shopping list! ;) x


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